Known for her popular fashion brand, Kloset Envy, Jai Nice has made a career of stunning style. Throughout her rise to success the kitchen has been her sanctuary and a place to share love. It’s always been that way, ever since learning how to cook in her Grandmother’s kitchen. Jai’s cooking style is heavily influenced by her Jamaican heritage, creating a fusion of African-American and Caribbean cuisines that rattles the taste buds. In her debut cookbook, Jai takes you on a flavor ride through the tastes and textures that make her recipes unique. She’s included some supporter favorites along with some Caribbean flare with dishes like: Garlic Rosemary Lamb Chops, Jambalaya Creole Rice, Rasta Pasta, and Peach Cobbler. The easy to follow recipes and vivid photographs of each dish were designed to get readers cooking! You’ve never tasted flavor like this before....




The easy to follow step by step kitchen envy cook. With over 100 recipes inside. This book has over 300 pages fully colored pages with vibrant and fun pictures for each recipe. The Kusine & Tingz cookbook has healthy meals recipes, vegan recipes, drinks recipes, carribbean recipes , american soulful recipes, deserts recipes and much much more. We also included a cook essentials page that tell you all the seasoning and cookware you must always keep in your kitchen. Lets get to cooking

The recipes within this book were created for the ingredients and techniques indicated. Individual results may vary due to inconsistencies in elements such as ingredients, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking ability. The author and publisher of this book are not responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions that you may have to the recipes in this book, whether the recipe has been expressly followed or modified..



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