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Kitchen Envy Cookbook Volume 2 has over 200 easy to follow recipes. From classic dishes that remind us of home like Granny's Fried Chicken and
Granny's Potato Salad, to new dishes that are simple and fun favorites of her own
like the Salmon Flatbread Pizza and Crab Garlic Bread, to dishes like the BBQ
Oyster Mushroom Sliders and Zucchini Enchiladas that can be enjoyed by
people who have special diets - Jai continues to expand her culinary
chops while providing easy step-by-step ways for anyone to feel
confident in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Envy Multi Use Indoor Grill & Panini Press. A More Healthier and Easy Way With Cooking.

This grill can be use to grill chicken , fish , veggies and much more. You can also create healthy grilled sandwiches and more.


    • Easy to clean up

    • Non stick coating plate
    • 3000 W power
    • Adjustable temperature
    • Cool touch handle
    • Drip tray
    • 90 degree or 180 degree open
    • 220–240 V
    • Stainless design
    • Dual Plate Grilling
    • Creates delicious grilled meals & Sandwiches
    • Ensure quick and easy clean up 

  • Creates healthy grilled sandwiches , veggies and much more



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