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Hardcover Kitchen Envy Cookbook Vol 2

Limited Edition Hardcover 

Back with her 2nd volume of delicious fusion meals, Jai Nice has gifted us
with another 200 hand-crafted recipes! From fashion designer to cookbook
author, Jai continues to pull from her African American and Caribbean roots
while inviting us all to experience new flavors from all over the world. Through much
hard work and dedication, trial-and-error and triumphant success, Jai is extremely
excited to share recipes that have helped her grow as a home cook, in hopes that you
all will grow too. This book was put together with much gratitude for her supporters.

From classic dishes that remind us of home like Granny's Fried Chicken and
Granny's Potato Salad, to new dishes that are simple and fun favorites of her own
like the Salmon Flatbread Pizza and Crab Garlic Bread, to dishes like the BBQ
Oyster Mushroom Sliders and Zucchini Enchiladas that can be enjoyed by
people who have special diets - Jai continues to expand her culinary
chops while providing easy step-by-step ways for anyone to feel
confident in the kitchen. She trulv believes that with the

This Book has over 200 easy to follow recipes of drinks , desserts , vegan , keto , Caribbean , soulfood , holiday meals , airfryer meals and much more.


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